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Shop Ride

Thursday road ride from Youngblood Bicycles

We have a road ride that leaves from the shop every Thursday evening at 6PM, weather permitting and during Daylight Savings Time. The A and B routes are about 33 and 26 miles respectively through the rolling hills of Leicester / Alexander. The A pace is about 18-19 mph and B about 15-17 mph. Routes are subject to change, but the usual routes are listed below. The route is posted here and on our Facebook page, (this is especially helpful when the route changes). We also have a binder of routes to scan at the shop if you arrive a few minutes early. The B group leaves first and the routes are designed so that everyone returns at roughly the same time.

We try to ride in compact group, (2x2) at all times. This allows cars to pass more safely and easily and provides a draft for all but the leading riders. To help keep the group together, we ask the stronger riders to take it easy up the climbs and over the top. Once everyone is back in the group, we can increase the pace on the flat or downhill sections. We occasionally stop to regroup, but ideally we maintain a reasonable pace and no one gets dropped so there's no need to stop. When we stop, Please get all the way off the road! Also, be ready to roll once the stragglers approach as they won’t stop, (unless there are cars behind them). We don’t want cars separating our group.

Ride start location: Youngblood Bicycles 233 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC

A route (Big Bird)

B route (Sluder Shuffle)

Please park on the south side of the building in the Brown Haven / Franny’s Farmacy lot or at Asheville Cleaners across the street, since our lot will be filled with cyclists for the pre-ride announcement.